My name is Kathryn Bélanger. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with my wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl. I’m originally from Southern California. I moved up to Canada over 10 years ago to be with my then fiancé, Luc Bélanger. What an adventure life has been these last 10 years. I was finally able to get a new camera 5 years ago, after a going several years with a broken Canon that I could not afford to fix. And just a few months ago I was able to upgrade from my Nikon D3100 to a Nikon D610.

My photography training was in photojournalism. But now I enjoy just simply capturing scenes of nature be it a macro shot of a flower or grand landscape. I’m also starting to delve into the world of Still Lifes and taking portraits of my daughter. I haven’t done much with my photography yet, but the time to do bigger and better things is now.

In college I won an award for best Page Design for a school newspaper, by the Kern County Press Club.

I have also been published in an fPOE (female photographers of etsy), Collective photobook book. Volume 04| Reflections. Published in 2013. fPOE is a wonderful group of women who have helped me grow and has inspired me to take my photography to a larger audience.

I was in an international show at the Murry Art Guild in Kentucky curated by Stacey Frett( a fellow fPOE photographer) called, In The Toilet, in 2013.


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