Halloween Is Almost Here

Tiny Witch's Morning Coffee

First she starts her day like everyone else, a hot cup of coffee and a couple of pumpkin cookies.

Tiny Witch in Flight II

She then takes off in flight on her broom to seek a place of solitude and play.

Tiny Witch in Flight

She soon finds her favorite swing and prepares to land.

Tiny Witch Swinging

She then spends the afternoon playing on the swing near a large maple tree.

Tiny Witch Meets Her End

Sadly, when she went looking for a pumpkin to make a lovely jack-o-lantern, it fell atop her and the life of the tiny witch ended. But at least she lived a good happy life.

So yeah, it’s my favorite holiday, Halloween. Sorry I haven’t been on much, but this pregnancy is taking a lot out of me. I’ve just been sleeping or reading a book lately. BUT, today I did have enough energy to take some photos and edit them as well. I call this        series The Day and Life of a Tiny Witch.


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